Part 5: Where are they now?


cogency where are they now

This is the fifth of our interviewettes with past staff over The Cogency’s fifteen years. We caught up with the lovely Lis Jennings.

- How long / when you worked at The Cogency and your role?

I was Marketing Manager from September 2006 to February 2010.

- What are you doing now?

Head of Communications at Norfolk & Norwich Festival, before that I was Head of Marketing & Sales at the Almeida Theatre in London.

- What is your fondest memory of working at The Cogency?

The people I worked with were amazing. Janice and Cathy are really great leaders. I worked with some brilliant clients and partners – who I am still in touch with today. Working across such a wide range of projects and artforms taught me a huge amount. If you forced me to choose one thing it would be the excellent Christmas outings.

- Do you have a special birthday message for The Cogency?

Congratulations! I’m very proud of you all and so pleased to have been part of the journey. Sorry I couldn’t join you for the official party, I’m sure that it was a fabulous affair.