The Cogency turns eighteen!


The Cogency was founded in April 1999, so we are now officially eighteen. We celebrated with cake, candles, and more cake!

We also sent a little surprise to a few of our favourite people... it was great to see you all #celebratewithTheCogency!




Tank office dog enjoying a visit to our friends @dnco this morning to chat about @YourRoyalDocks
this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! #JointheDocks
It is a genius record. x
Definitely. Yes!
RT @greg_jenner: Marvel are so ridiculously good at making movies that Captain America: The Winter Soldier — a genuinely brilliant conspira…
You were great. Very impressed. x
Funded in part by @ace_national and @TNLUK I don’t usually play the #lottery but I might buy a ticket to celebrate…
Another #weekend. Another great night ⁦@BoldTendencies⁩ in #Peckham’s multi storey car park. This time for the now…
Sounds great. Sorry not to make it to #edinburghfestival this year.